KindKit Rebrand


We were Stride Leggings… and now we are

After operating as Stride Leggings for over a year, we are thrilled to announce that we are now KindKit Activewear.

Why the name change? A few months ago, we took a hard look at how Stride was operating and asked ourselves whether it was right to keep using unsustainable materials and plastic packaging. We looked around at other sustainable brands that gave themselves no excuses. I also looked at my customers, my family and friends, and saw that they expected more from their leggings than four-way stretch. We felt the decision to focus on making sustainable activewear and environmentally friendly packaging was a pretty big shift in values, and it deserved a new name.

We’ve created a debut collection made with sustainable recycled fabric. Every KindKit piece reduces waste in our oceans and landfill. That’s some magic right there ✨ We’re going plastic-free with our packaging too. Our mailer bags and packaging will now be home compostable 😇

We’ve also made another very exciting change. We’ve poured all of our time and energy over the last few months into re-designing the fit of our leggings to be slide-proof. We were listening to a lot of you say that you hate when your leggings slide down. We want to fix that, so we’ve spent months designing, testing and tweaking a pair of leggings that are designed to stay up, no matter what you’re doing.

High waisted leggings that don’t slide down

Hate when you have to constantly pull up your leggings? Same girl. So we designed leggings that stay up no matter what you’re doing.

We’re crowdfunding the production of our first collection of slide-proof leggings on Kickstarter! Enter your email to be notified when pre-orders launch on Kickstarter and receive a HUGE discount on the regular price.

Sustainably made from recycled fabrics and plastic-free packaging

Every one of our pieces stops plastic ending up in oceans and landfills. We believe in more style, less waste.

We’re crowdfunding the production of our first collection of slide-proof leggings on Kickstarter! Enter your email to be notified when we launch and receive an exclusive HUGE discount on the regular price.

Putting the style in sustainable

We don’t think activewear should harm the environment, but when we looked for sustainable alternatives, the choices were very limited to dull colours and boring styles. Not exactly motivating.

So we decided to change that

Why do things need to change?

Most polyester used to make activewear is made from virgin plastic. Then more plastic is used to make the bags, tags and stickers that package the garments.

Most polyester used to make activewear is made from virgin plastic

Too much plastic is clogging our oceans and landfill

It’s a real problem. 275 million tonnes of plastic waste is created globally every year ☹

Plastic bottles in landfill are a real problem

How are we making a difference?

Our pieces are designed in New Zealand and ethically made in a family-run factory in Taiwan. We’re super picky about who we work with and the materials we choose. We dedicated months making sure our supply chain and materials are sustainable and ethical. We use innovative fabrics woven from recovered plastic waste. This might sound a bit gross but stay with us. This plastic goes through an amazing transformation to become dreamy soft performance fabric.

Here’s how it works

Waste plastic is recovered

Then it’s shredded into chips

Next, the chips are cleaned

The clean chips are then melted

And spun into yarn

That is woven into the soft fabric used to make our activewear

Now that’s some magic right there

No slide waistband

Tired of constantly pulling up your leggings? At Kind Kit we make leggings with waistbands that stay up. Because your busy and you don’t have time for that shizz.

Leggings that don't slide down

Sustainable Fabrics

We use innovative recycled fabrics made from recovered plastic waste. This recovered plastic goes through an amazing transformation to become recycled yarn that is woven into peach soft performance fabric.

Activewear made from sustainable fabric

Plastic-free packaging

We’re one of the only activewear brands that have gone plastic free with our packaging. Most of it is home compostable. That’s right. You can use our packaging to make yummy compost for your veggie patch. Full circle baby!

Plastic-free packaging


Worried your leggings will go see-through when you squat? Our innovative recycled performance fabric is guarunteed to be squat proof. Don’t sweat embarassing exposure moments ever again!

Squat-proof leggings

Seamless front

Stressed about accidental camel-toe? KindKit’s leggings have a seamless front design that eliminates camel toe, so no embarrassing moments or unwelcome attention.”

No front seam leggings


Did your life change after you discovered leggings with pockets? Same girl. That’s why we included hidden waistband pockets on the back and front to conveniently stash your gear. The pockets are hidden so you don’t lose the sleek smooth look.

Leggings with pockets

Four-way stretch

We only use four-way stretch fabric that stretches in every direction and never holds you back”

Four-way stretch leggings

Dreamy softness

Don’t like the cold feeling of shiny activewear? Our amazing recycled fabric is peachy soft so you feel wrapped in comfort all day.

Buttery soft leggings

High waisted design

The high waistband provides lots of tummy smoothing support and hugged-in comfort.

High waisted leggings

Hand-drawn prints

Our unique hand-drawn prints are inspired by kiwi women like you who are naturally active and outdoorsy. Life is busy, but you balance everything like a total boss. You needs gear that looks and feels great all day and makes it easy to stay active. No wardrobe changes! Even better if it helps reduce waste and environmental impact. This is for you girl!

Activewear with unique hand-drawn prints

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