How to wear leggings to work

How To Wear Leggings To Work

“Are leggings considered pants?” is a debate that has waged for some time on the internet. People feel strongly about this issue and the lines have been drawn in the sand. There are those who vehemently deny that leggings are pants, and balk at anyone who would wear them out in polite society. Then there are those who know that leggings are in fact pants and firmly stand their ground. The latter are generally more happy in life for obvious reasons.

The discussion has moved beyond “are leggings pants?” It’s been clearly established that they are in fact pants. The real question now is how far can you push this? Is wearing leggings in some situations totally inappropriate? One situation in particular really stands out: the office.

The workplace is the final frontier when it comes to wearing leggings as pants. Any sane woman wants to wear leggings to work. They are the most comfortable thing in the world and would make being at work far more bearable. No one would rather wear dress pants, which look fine for about ten minutes, then gradually stretch out, crease and unravel, causing you more and more misery as the day progresses. It doesn’t have to be that way!

I’m going to drop a bombshell here: you can wear leggings to work. I won’t blame you for proceeding with caution. You don’t want to get this wrong. The thought of being called out by a colleague, or worse, being called into the boss’s office for wearing something inappropriate is horrifying. The potential shame-fest is enough to make one not even want to risk wearing leggings to work. Don’t even bother asking your boss or a work-mate if you think it’s a good idea. They will give you a hard “no” because a lot of people have an antiquated view that leggings can only be worn at the gym or as sloppy loungewear at home. That is simply not true.

You can wear leggings to work if you style them carefully. Basically, don’t pair your leggings with the same outfit you would wear to the gym or chilling at home. You need to profesh them up. If you choose the right leggings and style them for the office, no one will know you are wearing leggings, and you will get to enjoy a feeling of freedom and relaxation that you didn’t know was possible.

How do you make leggings work appropriate for work? Let’s dive in… 

The Secret: Cover The Mid-Section

The secret to making leggings office appropriate is to cover your mid-section with a long top

The secret to making leggings appropriate for work is to cover your midsection. Exposing your waist and bum will give away that you are wearing leggings. If you’re clever about covering up this region, you will have no issue wearing your leggings to work. 

Pair them with a stylish long sweater. Or try a long floaty blouse with a beautiful print that falls below the waist. Another super stylish look is pairing your leggings with a long suit jacket. 

Cute shoes 

Pair leggings with a pair of heels to make a great look for work

Another sure-fire way to make leggings undeniably professional is pairing them with black pumps, like these bad boys in the pic above. 

It’s astonishing how much a pair of heels can transform the look of leggings. This true for wedges, strappy heels, or any professional-looking pair of shoes too. Definitely avoid running shoes or casual trainers. This is a dead giveaway.

Go for plain solid colours. Stay away from prints and athletic details.

Avoid leggings with prints if you want to wear leggings to the office.

Printed leggings are fun for workout gear, but they are totally wrong for the office. This is especially true for other common details on leggings. Reflective stripes and athletic designs are a big no. Also, stay away from leggings have different tones that emphasise certain parts of the body. For example, leggings with darker panels under the tush to make your bum look plumper. These styles are definitely not work-appropriate and your colleagues will notice. Stick to solid neutral colours with no patterns or athletic details. This will keep your look polished and professional.

Choose leggings made from matte-finish synthetic fabric

Leggings made from shiny fabric with a silky feel are great when you’re working up a sweat, but they look very athletic. Most people associate workout specific leggings with shiny fabric, so it only highlights the fact that you are wearing leggings. At the very least, you will be looked at with suspicion. Cotton leggings should also be avoided. Cotton is too obviously casual for the office. Go for a matte finish synthetic fabric with a soft cotton-like feel. This will give you the sleekest look, plus they will be ultra-comfy.

When in doubt, you can’t go wrong with black

Black leggings are a very safe bet if you want to try wearing leggings to the office

Be bold and try wearing leggings to work! If you’re nervous, a great pair of black leggings is the safest bet. Combine them with a long blazer and unshakable confidence, and you will be wearing leggings to the office on the reg.

Next minute, you’ll be expanding into different colours and burning your old work pants. Then everyone at work will be asking: What skincare do you use? You’re always glowing. Did you go on vacation? You look so rested.

If you still have doubts about wearing leggings to work, think of it this way. You’re doing womankind a huge favour. The more of us that wear leggings to work, the more normal it will become and the happier we will all be 🙂

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