How to find the perfect everyday leggings

How To Find The Perfect Everyday Leggings

If you’re a fit and active lady, then it’s likely that leggings feature heavily in your wardrobe. You may have found the perfect running leggings, but that doesn’t mean they’re comfortable for more chilled activities, like lounging around home or meeting friends for lunch. Sport-specific leggings can have features like tight elastic bands, drawstrings and ankle zips that are really handy when you’re running or doing cross-fit. But these features can be irritating and completely kill your chill when you’re trying to relax. Comfort is the goal when it comes to everyday life, so that should be the top priority when you are looking for everyday leggings. 

I just want to address the elephant in the room before I get into this guide to ultra-comfortable everyday leggings. I just wanted to assure you that the strong independent ladies of the world are united on this one: leggings ARE pants and eff anyone that thinks otherwise. Yes, you can wear leggings anytime, anywhere so you can put that debate to bed and move on to more important questions, like which leggings will make my butt look great and have the perfect amount of stretch? 

So let’s dive in! Here are the features to look for when hunting for the perfect daily leggings.

Soft fabric

Buttery soft leggings that feel great

The feel of the fabric is probably the most important thing to pay attention to when you’re looking for the perfect everyday leggings. A premium, buttery soft fabric will make you feel like you’re floating through your day. A smoother, silkier fabric can be great for running or yoga because it keeps you cool and stays comfortable when you’re really sweaty, but this slicker fabric doesn’t have the comforting feel of a softer, cotton-like fabric. You also don’t want to go for 100% cotton leggings, which can look too cheap and casual if you’re going out in public. Look for a soft brushed synthetic fabric that has a cotton-like feel, and you will find yourself floating blissfully through your day.

Seamless Leggings

Swerve Leggings Stone

The more seams a pair of leggings has, the more opportunity there is for irritation. Seams are not always the enemy. They can provide beautiful detailing, create figure-flattering body lines, and hold things in place when you’re in motion. They definitely have their place, but they can also be annoying. A seam that is too tight or badly placed can be bothersome when you’re trying to enjoy your day. For everyday wear, look for seamless leggings that go super minimal on the seams, especially on the waistband. 

If you love high waisted leggings, (who doesn’t?) look for a waistband that is seamless at the top. This type of waistband is great when you’re sitting or lounging at home because it won’t dig into you at all. It’s as close to being naked as you can get without actually being naked.

Matte Finish Fabric

Most high-performance legging styles have a shiny, smooth finish. Again, this can be great to keep you cool and comfortable when you’re sweating heaps, but you’re not going to be sweating buckets walking to a cafe or the supermarket. The major downside of shiny fabric is that it screams sportswear, and not in a good way. Leave the shiny leggings at home and look for a matte finish for every day. A matte finish looks more polished and appropriate, with the bonus of being way more comfortable than slick fabric.

Swerve Leggings Purple


You really can’t go wrong with pockets. Men have been reaping the benefits of pockets since the dawn of clothing. Now it’s our turn! Bring on leggings with pockets. Go for the full-on phone-sized pockets for the ultimate convenience. 

If you prefer a more seamless look, a lot of styles have hidden waistband pockets or subtle pockets at the back of the waistband. If you’re clever, you can forgo carrying a bag by stashing your keys, cards and phone in your leggings. Enjoy the freedom men have been enjoying for centuries ladies!  Whoever invented leggings with pockets is a freaking genius.

Burst Crop Leggings Horizon Blue

Four-Way Stretch

Four-way stretch is essential for every day leggings

You know what’s awful? Pants that make you feel tight and restricted in all of the wrong places. If you want to avoid that feeling, don’t go near two-way. Remember when jeans had no stretch? Yeah, that was a bad time. Two-way stretch leggings are like jeans before they introduced spandex. Would you ever go back? Just no.

Here is a little explanation of how stretch works. One-way stretch will stretch side to side, but it will not bounce back to its original shape. Knits with no stretch are a good example of this. It stays floppy and loose until you wash it. 

Two-way stretch will stretch side to side and bounce back to its original shape, but it will not stretch up and down, hence the restrictive feeling. Some leggings only have two-way stretch, so be sure to test if you can move comfortably in all directions.

Four-way stretch will stretch in all directions and still return to its original shape. You get flexibility in all directions and the garment won’t go loose and baggy on you. You can put leggings with four-way stretch through their paces, and they will bounce back and hold their original shape beautifully. I think we have a clear winner guys.

Look for four-way stretch leggings give you the freedom to bend, contort, flop and twist in any direction without ever feeling restricted. Now that’s what I’m talking about!

Look out for these key legging features for the perfect everyday leggings that will have you living your best life every day.

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