How to choose the perfect leggings for every workout

How To Choose The Perfect Leggings For Every Workout

Spoiler alert: leggings are popular. No shock there since they really are the dreamiest thing you can put on. Not just for workouts, but for literally everything in life. There are also thousands of different styles of leggings to choose from. I love a good leggings haul, so I’m not complaining, but the huge variety can be overwhelming and lead to serious shopping burn out.

Variety Overload Hurts

There are so many leggings to choose from

Too many choices can cause an interesting phenomenon called “decision paralysis.” This happens to me when I want to buy essentials like a new bottle of shampoo. I’m all excited about the prospect of a new product that will make my hair look better than ever. Then I find myself standing in front of the shelf trying to choose between 50 different types of shampoo. I think to myself, this is a little alarming, but I’ve got this! I want the best one, but they all seem really similar. So I take a big breath and start finding ways to narrow it down.

I usually start by looking for ones designed for my “hair type,” but that never seems to make much of dent. Then I look at the price and eliminate a very small number of ultra-expensive shampoos. Having made very little progress, I start reading labels hoping that they will reveal which shampoo has the best hair transforming ingredients. Two hours later, I’m spiralling deeper into decision paralysis, trying to rationalise my way out by reading every label twice just in case I missed something. That’s about the time I start getting phone calls from concerned family members wondering if I’ve been kidnapped. In a way, I have.

The process of choosing between thousands of leggings is frighteningly similar to the shampoo scenario. It can go from fun to exhausting pretty quickly when you start getting into the nitty-gritty details. I’m here to help you avoid the horrors of decision paralysis with a guide to choosing the perfect leggings for your activity. In this guide, I will share the legging features to look for that will help you feel the most comfortable during your activity of choice. I will start with the activity, the legging features that will be the best for that activity, and some legging suggestions. Let’s get started!

Hiit or Crossfit

Leggings for Hiit and Cross Fit

For the ladies who fizz on intense Hiit workouts, comfort and sweat are top priorities. Look for four-way stretch fabric that lets you move freely without restriction. You also want a light fabric that is very breathable to stay cool. 

Sweat-wicking properties are a must for intense workouts too. Leggings to avoid are ones made from non-sweat-wicking fabric like cotton or wool. They absorb water and hold on to it, so they are very prone to sweat stains. You also have to carry around the extra weight of your wet clothes, which won’t help you with those box jumps. Sweat-wicking fabric actually draws moisture away from your skin and evaporates it into the atmosphere, so you minimize sweat stains and dry much more quickly.


There’s nothing worse than having to adjust your leggings on a run because they’re digging in or falling down. Ideally, you don’t want to think about your leggings at all while you run. They should stay perfectly in place and feel like a second skin. Breathable sweat-wicking fabric is a must as running tends to be a sweaty business. Go for a high waisted legging made of ultra-light performance fabric that you don’t need to think about or adjust on your run. Pockets Can also be a great feature if you want to take a key or cards with you without having to take a bag.


Yoga leggings

The last thing you want is to feel restricted when you’re doing yoga. You definitely don’t want to feel like your leggings are pulling on you or the seams are about to rip because you’ve overstretched them. Light and comfortable leggings with four-way stretch is the way to go if you want to feel totally free and unrestricted. A high waisted legging is also a great choice for yoga. They provide tummy coverage and support so you can wear a cute strappy sports bra to yoga class with total confidence.

Biking or Spin

Leggings for biking or spin class

Spin class is a high-intensity workout and biking outdoors can be too, especially if you punching it on a fast road bike. High intensity means you will likely be sweating a lot, so sweat-wicking leggings are essential to keep you cool, dry and comfortable. As with any high-intensity workout, you are going to spend the majority of it in a state of voluntary discomfort (bring on the post-workout endorphins!). You can offset this with super comfortable gear. Go for a buttery soft fabric with four-way stretch to feels amazing during even the most intense spin session. Breathable details like mesh are also a bonus.


Let’s be honest, if you’re flexing and squatting at the gym, you want your butt and legs to look amazing. Of course, you also want them to perform well since you will be breaking a sweat right? Go for leggings that flatter your curves, like high waisted leggings that look great on most body types. Make sure they are also breathable and sweat-wicking so you stay cool and comfortable during your workout.

Everyday Chillin’

Athleisure leggings for relaxing

There’s nothing better than putting on your favourite leggings to just relax in. Can you say binge-watching Netflix all day? Or catching up on the latest goss over coffee with the girls? However, you spend your downtime, choose a pair of leggings that feel buttery soft, incredibly comfy and fit like a second skin. Take your chill time to another level.

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