How High Waisted Leggings Can Transform Your Body

How High Waisted Leggings Can Transform Your Body

This might be bold to say, but high waisted leggings have revolutionised the standard legging. This simple design improved upon the previous versions so much that it brought leggings into a new era of popularity. High waisted leggings have become the new normal. If you’ve never tried a pair, you are seriously missing out. 

Not convinced? High waisted leggings are the best thing since spanx, but way more comfortable. They are the most figure-flattering style of leggings that you can get. Here are 5 best things about high waisted leggings that will turn you into a convert as soon as you put these beauties on:

They highlight the most flattering part of your waist

The high waistband sits at or above the belly button, which is the smallest part of your waist, so the eye is naturally drawn to the slimmest part of your waistline because of where the top of the waistband sits. Even if you have what some might consider a perfect slim figure, high waisted leggings create a more flattering silhouette than mid or low rise leggings. 

Case in point, fitness blogger Beck Jackson is incredibly fit and has a great body. It is her job after all. Back in 2018, she posted a very insightful photo showing the dramatic difference that high waisted leggings can have on your figure vs low rise leggings, simply because of where the waistband sits on the waist. Low rise leggings pinch and compress the waist below the hips, so even a slim body has the appearance of bulging over the top of a tighter waistband. See for yourself:

The difference between high waisted and mid-rise leggings

High waisted leggings flatten and smooth the tummy

As you saw in the photo above, the high waistband hides things like muffin-top, but it also works to cover belly fat and other lady lumps. The high waistband’s natural compression flattens and smooths out these bits. So basically, I can look like I do crunches all of the time without actually doing them? Um, sign me up immediately!

High waisted leggings flatten and smooth the tummy

They create the illusion of long slim legs

High waisted leggings create the illusion of long slim legs

Ok, you might already be blessed with long slim legs and don’t need any help in that department. In that case, congratulations. For the rest of us, high waisted leggings can create the illusion of long slim legs for an ultra-flattering silhouette. This is because the waistband sits so much higher on the waist. It elongates the leg line because it appears to start much higher on the body, and the longer your legs look, the slimmer they appear. You can get the most out of this effect by wearing full-length or ⅞ length leggings. They keep the leg line continuous, making your legs look endless. This effect will also work best with solid coloured leggings. Patterned leggings can add volume and break up the long visual line of the legs, making them look less slim and streamlined. 

They open up more outfit options

High waisted leggings open up more outfit options

One of the things I love most about high waisted leggings is that the added coverage makes me feel more comfortable wearing tops I would never dream of wearing otherwise. Because the waistband is so high, it only leaves a small band of skin exposed in the mid-section, even with just a sports bra on. Pair high waisted leggings with a cute crop top, and you probably won’t expose any skin at all. I now wear sports bras with gorgeous intricate strap designs confidently in public without being worried that I’m exposing too much skin or flab that no one wants to see. This opens up a whole world of outfits that I didn’t think I could wear in the past. No more hiding beautiful tops under plain baggy tanks.

They feel like a comforting hug all day long

High waisted leggings feel like a comforting hug all day long

A surprising benefit of high waisted leggings over low waisted versions is how comforting they feel. Having a band of light compression around your tummy feels much more supportive than a band that cuts above your hips, generally causing your softer bits to spill over. This is particularly nice when you’re in a seated position for a prolonged period, like working at a desk or having lunch at a cafe. Basically they feel like a comforting hug all day long.

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