8 Ways to Style Your Leggings for Any Situation

8 Ways to Style Your Leggings for Any Situation

Let’s be real ladies, leggings are the most comfortable thing you will ever put on. Don’t you wish you could wear them all of the time? Well, I’m here say that you can. Here are 7 amazing ways to style your leggings so you can wear them in pretty much any situation. Halleluja! Never let anyone tell you that leggings aren’t pants again.

City Chic

City chic outfit with leggings

Pair black leggings with combat boots, a black sweater with leather detailing and a cute bag. This look is edgy but casual, and oh-so-comfortable. This would be great for travelling, a date, or running errands in the city.

Cute Autumn Look

Casual autumn outfit with leggings

Grab that pumpkin spice latte girls, it’s autumn! For a casual and cute autumn look, pair black leggings with a pretty cable knit sweater, a comfy jean jacket and black boots. This outfit has lots of warm layers, which is perfect for autumn’s unpredictable temperatures.


Professional work outfit with leggings

Leggings pair beautifully with an oversized blazer or leather jacket and an elegant pair of strappy heels. Totally work appropriate. Bring on the comfort! Try this look with earth tones instead of black for something different.

Holiday heat

Elegant holiday outfit with leggings

So you’re travelling in the Mediterranean. You want to hit the town tonight and look spicy, but you also want to keep the chill holiday vibes going. Leggings to the rescue! Leather-look leggings can make you look hot on the outside but remain totally chill on the inside because you’re so comfortable and relaxed.

Meeting the crew at the pub

Pub or bar outfit with leggings

Meeting the boyfriend or besties at the pub? This is the perfect opportunity to throw on some leggings. Pair them with an oversized plaid shirt and a cute red beret and you’re pub ready. 

Travelling for work

Professional but comfortable outfit for when you are travelling for work

Travelling for work presents a real comfort challenge. You will notice every seam on your clothes when you’re sitting in planes, trains and taxis for hours. If you’re travelling for work, that usually means you need to be dressed for work too. If only you could wear leggings. Oh wait, you can! Mix black leggings with a chic merino sweater, ankle tall boots and a long coat. You’ll look amazing and breeze through that work trip in total comfort.

Meeting the girls for drinks

Meeting the girls for drinks in leggings

Going out with the girls tonight? Wish you could just stay home on the couch in your leggings? Well, you can have your cake and eat it too. Throw on a pair of high-waisted leggings, grab a crop top, blazer and a pair of heels or cute flats, and you’ve got yourself a stunner (yet surprisingly comfy) outfit.

Daytime Athleisure

Daytime athleisure outfit with leggings

Need a casual outfit that will take you from the gym to the streets? Pair plain solid leggings with a stylish casual athletic jacket, and you’re good to go. This is a perfect no-fuss outfit that looks great in the gym and exploring the city. 

So you can have it all. Comfort and style in any situation. If you need more convincing that you don’t need anyone’s permission to wear leggings wherever you want, check out the article Is It Ok To Wear Are Leggings Pants?

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