15 Reasons Why Leggings Are Pants

15 Reasons Why Leggings Are Pants

You’re lost if you don’t think leggings are pants. Don’t waste your breath trying to convince leggings lovers that they’re not pants either. We feel sorry for you getting all flustered trying to pants-splain how clothing works. Meanwhile, our eyes are glazed over thinking about how comfortable we are wearing leggings right now.

This article is not for the legging haters. I don’t think anything will convince you that leggings will literally make you a happier person because you are free from the confines of traditional pants. This article is for people that are on the fence. Those that are unsure if they will be judged for wearing leggings as pants. Those that are unsure if wearing leggings all of the time is appropriate. I’m here to say yes! It’s time to shed other people’s rules about what you should and shouldn’t wear and start living your best life!

For the almost converted, here are 15 reasons why leggings are pants so you don’t have to waste another minute in discomfort:


Leggings fit the literal definition of pants. Just ask the Merriam-Webster dictionary (not a top authority on definitions or anything 😉). According to them, the definition of pants is: “an outer garment covering each leg separately and usually extending from the waist to the ankle.” Leggings tick every single thing on that list.

Leggings fit the literal definition of pants


There is nothing in the definition of pants that requires “official pants” to be made of a certain type of fabric, to fit loosely, have zippers or buttons or any of the other features traditionally found on pants. Henceforth, leggings are pants.


Track pants are considered pants. Why is no one questioning that? Leggings look way cuter than track pants, so I fail to see the problem with leggings also being pants.

Track pants are considered pants so why not leggings


The fact that leggings are hella comfy does not disqualify them from being pants. What kind of flawed logic is that? That’s like saying a good night’s sleep feels good, therefore it must be bad for you.


How can leggings only count as pants in certain situations, like the yoga studio or the gym? They don’t instantly become not pants the minute you walk out into the street.

Leggings still qualify as pants outside of the gym or yoga studio


Who cares what anyone else thinks?


If you think leggings are too revealing, have you seen shorts? Shorts are perfectly acceptable in everyday life and show way more skin than leggings.

Shorts are more revealing than leggings
Shorts are way more revealing than legging guys


Can leggings be worn as pants? Ask yourself this: how else are they meant to be worn?


Leggings are better than other types of pants in a lot of ways. They are more comfortable, more flattering, and more versatile. So I ask you: if you have access to superior technology, would you choose to use the inferior technology instead? Are you going to shove a rotary phone in your purse instead of your iPhone because someone told you smartphones aren’t real phones? That’s just silly.

Leggings are better than other types of pants in a lot of ways


You’re an adult free-thinking woman. Are you going to let someone be the boss of you?


Forcing women to wear uncomfortable pants is oppression. You are advancing feminism by wearing leggings as pants. Go you!


If it’s good enough for Madonna, it’s good enough for me.


Leggings are not a dress, therefore they are pants.

Leggings are not a dress therefore they are pants


Modesty ain’t got nothing to do with whether or not leggings are pants. Jeans don’t suddenly become “not pants” because there’s a big hole ripped in the bum or they give you camel toe. You’ve just got some issues with your pants that you need to address. Probably with a different pair of pants.


Not everyone is going to have good taste in leggings, but that is not proof that leggings are not pants. It’s just proof that some people have bad taste. Their t-shirt is still a top, their sneakers are still shoes, and their unfortunate choice of leggings are still ultimately a pair of pants. There are tonnes of great examples of leggings styled beautifully for everyday wear. Just make better choices.

Leggings can be styled well to suit any situation

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