Leggings that don’t slide down

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Hate when your leggings slide down? Same girl.

We searched far and wide for a pair of leggings that didn’t slide down, but we couldn’t find them. So we took matters into our own hands and designed a pair of slide-proof leggings that stay up, no matter what.

Who are we?

Glad you asked 😊 Kind Kit is a new sustainable activewear company on a mission to rid the world of leggings that slide down. Our gear is designed in New Zealand by women, for women.

Our Purpose

We’re active women living full lives and we spend a lot of time in leggings. We know firsthand that when a pair of leggings fit perfectly, it feels like you can conquer anything. But we also found a big problem with a lot of leggings: They. Slide. Down.

Having to yank up your leggings up every two seconds is a dealbreaker. The misery has to stop! So we went on a mission to find leggings that didn’t slide down. We shopped around and wasted a shocking amount of money trying on hundreds of different brands. The result? Most of them let us down (literally). We simply couldn’t find what we were looking for and it was beyond frustrating 😤 So we decided to change that!

Introducing Slide-Proof Leggings

These leggings won’t budge. They’re sustainably made from recycled plastic bottles, which means that pair stops plastic waste from ending up in oceans and landfill. Now that’s something to feel good about 🌏

Meet The Pocket Sports Bra

We wouldn’t leave you without a cute sports bra to match your slide-proof leggings! We’ve designed a revolutionary sports bra with a generous back pocket big enough to stash a phone, keys, cards and snacks. It’s made from the same premium sustainable fabric as our leggings. A match made in heaven 😇

All the slide-proof you need

We asked hundreds of women what they like the least about leggings. The number one response? They hate when their leggings slide down. We couldn’t agree more, so we dedicated a whole year to designing the perfect slide-proof leggings. We tested and re-tested the design until they were perfect and would meet the standards of the women we spoke to. We’re so proud of the final product. Here’s why we think you’ll love them as much as we do.

slide-proof leggings
Slide-proof waistband

We make leggings with waistbands that stay up. Because leggings that slide down suck and no one’s got time for that shizz.

leggings made with sustainable fabric
Sustainable Fabrics

Recovered plastic bottles go through an amazing transformation to become recycled yarn that is woven into peach-soft performance fabric.

Pockets Galore!

Did your life change after you discovered leggings with pockets? Ours too. That’s why we included pockets on the sides, back, and front to stash all of your gear.

squat-proof leggings

Worried your leggings will go see-through when you squat? Our innovative recycled performance fabric is 100% squat-proof. Don’t sweat embarrassing exposure moments ever again!

hidden drawstring leggings waistband
Hidden Drawstring

A hidden drawstring gives you maximum options to customise your waistband fit. Draw it tight for a snug fit or keep it loose and casual. The power is in your hands.

Seamless front

Stressed about accidental camel-toe? Our leggings have a seamless front design that eliminates camel toe, so no embarrassing moments or unwelcome attention.

High Waisted Fit

Our high-waisted design provides lots of tummy-smoothing support and hugged-in comfort.

Plastic Free Packaging

We’re one of the few activewear brands that use plastic-free packaging. It’s home-compostable too, so you can use it to make compost for your veggie patch. Full circle baby!

KindKit Hand Drawn Prints
Hand Drawn Designs

Our unique hand-drawn designs are inspired by naturally active kiwi women like you. Life is busy, but you balance everything like a total boss. You need gear that compliments your life!

Kind Kit is a small but mighty female-founded company

We’re based in New Zealand and run by our founder Maegan. We’re on a mission to make it easy for women to live a healthy lifestyle. We believe in high-quality gear that makes you feel good and removes barriers to staying active and healthy.

We believe in more style, less waste

We can’t do this without you!

We think we’re on to something big here, but funding the production of a new collection is a huge challenge for a new business. That’s where you come in. When you pre-order one of our items, you are helping to bring a small female-founded kiwi business to life. By choosing sustainably made clothing, you’re also helping to change the activewear industry for the better.

We’re rewarding pre-orders with big discounts

It’s our way of saying thank you to our very first backers. That’s you! The earlier you place a pre-order, the bigger the discount.


Early Bird Discount

Pre-order before the final week of pre-sales to get 20% off (VIPs get 30% off). After that, the price goes up again.


Last chance Discount

Pre-order during the final week of pre-sales to get 15% off (VIPs get 20% off). After that, everything goes up to full price forever.

Why do things need to change?

Most polyester used to make activewear is made from virgin plastic. More plastic is used to package it

It’s a real problem. 275 million tonnes of plastic waste is created globally every year ☹

The last thing the world needs is more virgin plastic production

How we do things differently

We choose our materials and the people we work with very carefully. We spent years vetting our supply chain and materials to make sure they are traceable, ethical, and environmentally friendly.

Our pieces are designed in New Zealand and made in a family-run factory in Taiwan.

Our packaging is plastic free and most of it is home compostable.

Our leggings and sports bras are made from recovered plastic waste that goes through an amazing transformation to become dreamy soft fabric.

How recycled plastic bottles are transformed into dreamy soft fabric?

Plastic waste is collected

Then it’s shredded into chips

Next, the chips are cleaned

The clean chips are then melted

The melted chips are spun into yarn

Which is woven into peach soft fabric

We use this fabric to sew our leggings

That’s how recycled plastic bottles are turned into leggings

How does fabric made from plastic bottles feel?

Pretty much the opposite of how it sounds. It feels peach soft, smooth and oh-so comfy. It’s also strong, durable and breathes beautifully. It feels just like other high-end activewear fabric you’ve tried, but it’s made sustainably.

Your support will make this happen

This collection is just the first step on our journey. The designs are fully completed, road-tested and perfected. The factory is patiently waiting for us to give them the signal to begin production. That’s where you come in… By pre-ordering one of our items, you’re helping us fund the production of our first collection and making our dream of changing the activewear industry a reality.

How do I choose my size?

Our sizing runs from XS to XL. We are happy to exchange your item for a different size if it’s not quite right. This size guide will help you choose the right size for you. All you need is a measuring tape to measure around your body to get the suggested sizing. Please note, these are size recommendations only. Sizes are based on body measurements, not flat garments.


Please note: the leggings inseam is 57cm

Alpha SizeNZ/AU SizeWaistHip
Sports Bra
Alpha SizeNZ/AU SizeBustUnderbust

How to measure your leggings size


Measure the circumference of your waist at the smallest part between your hips and underbust.


Measure the circumference of your hips at the widest part below your waist.


Measure from the highest point inside the leg to the ankle bone.

How to measure your sports bra size


Measure the circumference around the largest part of your bust above the underbust.


Measure the circumference of your torso just under your bust.

When will I get my order?

This is where we ask for a little patience. Manufacturing and shipping take time. After pre-orders close, you should receive your order within 4 months. We know that’s a long time to wait and to say thank you for your patience, we’re offering big discounts on the regular price. We will keep in touch through the entire process so you know exactly how things are progressing. Here is how the timeline will go:

Pre-Orders Close
Recycled Fabric Production
Garment Production
Items Shipped by Sea to NZ
Your Order Shipped to You

More feel good features

Thank you!

Thanks for spending the time to read our story. If you want to support us, the best thing you can do is place a pre-order now. You are helping a sustainable business run by women come to life, and we need more of those in the world.

A special note to customers outside of New Zealand and Australia

To keep things simple for our first collection release, pre-sales will only be available in New Zealand and Australia. Stay tuned because we will open the doors to US customers soon. We love you and appreciate your support!

Slide-Proof Leggings

20% Off

$104 NZD

$130 NZ RRP

$96 AUD

High-waisted leggings that don’t slide down! Featuring peach soft sustainable fabric made from recycled plastic bottles. Flattering and stylish fit with all the features like side pockets, hidden drawstring and 100% squat-proof fabric. These leggings will never let you down.

  • 1 x Slide-Poof Leggings

Pocket Sports Bra

20% Off

$86 NZD

$107 NZ RRP

$79 AUD

Your eyes don’t deceive you! This bra comes with a pocket in the back to stash your phone, cards, and snacks. No need to carry an extra bag to stash essentials. It’s also super comfy and supportive.

  • 1 x Pocket Sports Bra

Slide-Proof Leggings & Sports Bra Set

23% Off

$182 NZD

$237 NZ RRP

$167 AUD

These two are a match made in heaven. Get the full look by mixing or matching a pair of slide-proof leggings and a pocket sports bra. Save $$ and help stop single-use plastic from ending up in oceans.

  • 1 x Slide-Proof Leggings
  • 1 x Pocket Sports Bra

Double Trouble

25% Off

$355 NZD

$474 NZ RRP

$327 AUD

Keep your options open with 2 pairs of slide-proof leggings and 2 sports bras that can you can mix and match to your heart’s content. Plus you’ll be keeping single-use plastic out of oceans and landfill.

  • 2 x Slide-Proof Leggings
  • 2 x Pocket Sports Bra

Triple Threat

30% Off

$497 NZD

$711 NZ RRP

$458 AUD

The full workout wardrobe! Mix and match 3 sets of slide-proof leggings and sports bras for countless looks! Plus you’re helping rid the world of single-use plastic. Good feels all around!

  • 3 x Slide-Proof Leggings
  • 3 x Pocket Sports Bra
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